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Raven Loft


1 - Begining of Damnation

2 - Nocturnal Desire

3 - Laments of Dusk

4 - Eleanor

5 - Affects of Antares

6 - ...And then Black Roses Bloom

7 - The Maranatha upon the Zephyr

8 - Bleeding Mists

9 - Forsaking of Hesperus

"Raven Loft" released at 2006 and contains 9 songs with 43.22 minutes runing time.

Lablel: Atlantis Music

Laments of Dusk


1 - The Witch of the Ancient Plains

2 - Through the Eternal Darkness

3 - A Dream in the Tears of Night

4 - Afterglow...

"Laments of Dusk" released at 2002 and includes 4 songs with 19.34 minutes runing time.

Lablel: Rock Express Records


Stefan Glas,


Lost Infinity is getting ready to turn the music market upside down in the year 2005. 

After receiving wonderful reviews from their first demo, the group, landed a record that is competitive enough to get into international markets.

A perfect sound that is arranged in a progressive way, all the characteristics of Black Metal is awaiting us: from fast blastbeat drums to sparkling keyboard parts; from scream vocals to melodic parts..

This Turkish group of six, despite everything, maintains their qualityat the same level and this new record of theirs will carry them to the next step.

Mahir Bora Kayıhan, The Headbangers,

#3, İzmir Türkiye

Metal Monster Fest Concert Review

Here we are with an astonishing group who keeps their soundcheck long (which shows how seriously they take their job) which I can say simply shocked me. As much melodic it is, they played their pieces with their hard guitars one after the other without slowing down. A tiny little looking lady, carried the atmosphere to a spiritual dimension with her deep voice without suppressing the groups music.

What striked me the most was the lead vocal. Scream Vocal adorned with some brutal, carried out the burden of all the pieces with out any hesitation. Their EP Laments of Dusk is on sale now, not buying it would be a harm that you do yourself. Black groups whom appear to us with names and image, don’t listen to Lost Infinity, you won’t be able to sleep; compared to them the music you make will look funny even to you…

Branko Rogosic, Metal Express #10, Belgrade,


LOST INFINITY – “Lament Of Dusk” (self-released) 

Oh my, what a music! After keyboard intro Turkish sextet start with killing black metal histery. 

Maniacaly scream vocal compete with melodic and fluid guitars right on the edge of insanity.

After that in the "game" jumps extraterrestrial gentle soprano vocal, done by charming darkhair Zeynep.

20 minutes of unexpectible and thrilling moments.

Young Turks are very much musicaly skilled and they incorporated some medieval European (why not oriental, too??) musical ornaments and melodies that makes artistic creation that you must admire, even if you are the slave of prejudices that says "Good metal can be played in USA, Germany, Norway and Sweden only".

Lyrics (in English) are inspired by "classical" BM themes: spirits of ancient warriors and kings, fight with the power of mother Nature, enchanted forests, relief that only death can brings.

MCD is recorded in 2001 and on CD you can find 4 excellent songs and video clip for the best of them - "A Dream in the Tears of Night".

Rating: 8/10

Utku Usta, Sonic Splendour #3, Ankara, Türkiye

LOST INFINITY "Laments Of Dusk" 

Lost Infinity came like a fresh air into the methane filled womb of black metal in Turkey which I thought, as many out there, would never manage to give birth to a quality act except for one or two at most. 

Laments Of Dusk, although it's so, doesn't carry the burden of "being the first output of a young a band". 

Indeed band's concept seems rather settled. By an overwhelming presentation you are immediately 

introduced to the audible part of the CD which consists of four tracks. 

Each track captures a certain amount of magnitude while the band's trying to harmonize their highly melodic black metal with female vocals, acoustic intermezzos and a wide appearance of keyboards. 

The disc also contains a multimedial part where four extracts from band's Rock Market (a national TV show) performance are featured. 

Finally, the end of the review comes with a small update; 

Yugoslavian Rock Express Records has recently decided to release this effort on MC format. 

Lost boys are on the rise.

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